Another layered picture of fall.

A change is gonna come.

That’s what Autumn is about. Yeah, sure. It’s one of four seasons. It happens once a year. Everybody likes fall colors. What’s not to like about fall colors? Orange. Yellow. Red. They warm the heart.

Photographers chase the changing of leaves all over the country. We have our favorite places. We take our favorite drives. Some years are better than others. That’s the nature of the game. No pun intended. Really bright colors take some help from the weather folks. In order for the kind of color we like, there is a little timing involved. The sequence is a cold snap followed by normal fall weather. Apparently, that sort of freezes the natural sugar and creates color. That’s a very simplified explanation. But, this is a very simplified blog. Heh!

The last couple of years haven’t been all that great. It’s a climate thing. A change thing.

Of course, down here in the swamp just south of Lake Ponchartrain, bright fall color is minimal. Often times, you’ll have one day of some faded color, then leaves turn brown and fall on the ground,  Oh, isn’t that a pretty picture.

I’ve long been exploring a way to make some kind of art to show my version of fall. Color. Leaves.  Brightness. I think I stumbled upon it last night. I photographed some trees with the sky as the subject. That was pretty boring on its own. But, I like to make pictures first and worry about the rest later. Earlier, I photographed some leaves floating in water. You saw one version of that take. This version was a little boring on its own.

I layered the two pictures and did what I always do. Tinkered. I think I did it.

This picture is the result. I had another picture planned for today, but this one is a surprise. A big surprise.

BTW, for those of you near New Orleans, Fats Domino’s second line will walk on Nov 1 at 5pm.  It starts at Vaughns in The Bywater and will make its way to his home in the Lower 9th Ward.  Knowing how we do, here in New Orleans, I’d say this should be one of those massive, massive parades of all time.  Y’all should come out.