New Orleans streets.

Flooded Streets.

As our new fall-like weather arrived, we had one of those amazing storms that come with the transition from hot weather to cold weather. Thunder. Lightning. Sideways rain. Wind. Broken trees. And, lots of newly dropped leaves. Everywhere.

Prior to the storm the city sent out tweets and texts asking us to make sure all the storm drains were cleared. They couldn’t get to it. It will take the city about three years to really clean out the gunk that block the pipes to the drainage system.  So, they wanted us to clear out the tops of the system. For most of us, this is normal. We do it because we know better. But, for the city to ask… whew.

The system is so impacted that even with cleaning the tops of the drains, the streets flooded. To be sure, it was nothing terrible in my neighborhood. We had a few inches on our street, but the water barely came up over the curb.

No big deal.

But, the “flood” let me make a few pictures.


Those leaves are floating on the street over my freshly cleaned drains. They are so blocked up with sediment and who-knows-what that my rake work didn’t matter. The leaves were floating and settling. Making more sediment.

Yes. I did some post production in order to sort of sculpt out the picture so that you could see what was going on a little better.

One more thing.

Under the heading of “Huh, WTF?” a new blogger called “Writer, Fay Miller,” posted a comment on Storyteller saying that she was just going to yesterday’s sunset picture for a background on her blog.

She didn’t ask. She told me.

This, after all my writing about image theft and copyright laws.

You can see my reply in that thread if you are interested. After sleeping on it, I’ve decided that there is no way she will use my picture on her blog. Those who know me, know that I’m generous to other bloggers. This just struck me as a command coming from on high. She’s a new blogger. One who retired to write something. She should write, not worry about my work. Besides, when I went to her blog to see what she is about, she posted that she took 50 pictures of sunsets. Use one of those.

Sometimes, I’m never failed to be amazed.