My Mood

A little bleak for a Friday.

Yes. This picture is a little bleak. For a Friday.

It’s 90 degrees outside. An NOPD officer was shot and killed early this morning. We actually like our cops. Now I have to tell the beat cops who pass by our neighborhood that I’m sorry for their loss. I don’t want to tell them that. I don’t want them to have a loss.

I’m worn out by that moron in The White House who is intent on hurting as many people as he can. Oh, ending subsidies for those who can’t afford to pay for the most basic of needs — health insurance — is just a way to get Democrats to the bargaining table. I see. I get it. Let’s kill off about 7 million people if the Democrats won’t bargain.

I’m worn out by nature. Fires. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Floods. Maybe some pestilence in Puerto Rico because they don’t have clean drinking water yet.

I’m worn out by never-ending and forgotten wars. The United States isn’t going to win anything in the graveyard of empires. By polarized politics. We aren’t going to get anything done — which may be for the best — with our leaders screaming at each other. I’m worn out by social media. You can’t post anything without it being attacked politically. Post a flower and some guy will scream it’s a “libtard” flower. Huh? It’s a flower. Did your mother have any children that lived?

So my posts are a little bleak. I probably should do a couple of things. I should go to any of the 7,981,376 festivals this weekend and take pictures. But, I’m tired of being hot. I probably should stay far away from social media. That’s doable. It’s likely a weekend away will make a world of difference. That and the news in general. Except for sports. My Yankees are in the playoffs. I probably should take a road trip just for me. That’s also doable, but I don’t know where I want to go. We’ll see.

The picture. I made it a little while back. The new processing software — Stackables — that I’m playing with allows me to do a lot of interesting things. I don’t really know how to make it “stackable” yet, but it’s coming.



  1. I took 3 months off social media in 2015. Refreshing! Say so and do it. I’ll be breaking away some part of November and maybe December or at least slowing down.

    BTW, I uninstalled the latest greatest Google chrome update and now my ‘likes’ work. Had to do same with updated keyboard for another program.

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      1. Just like any other standard phone keyboard except the newer versions have some other Google exclusive functions built in. My factory installed keyboard is a plain Google keyboard and the only way I can tell is by checking its update which goes to the newer one from Google. Yes, Google does things that make it easy to use their apps and not others.

        Any recharge time is good, whether 1 day or 90, if you need it. The first few days seem weird, not participating.

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  2. Yes, it’s time to get away, take some time for yourself. I am hopeful that the majority of folks who just wanted change will understand recklessness and stupidity don’t result in positive change. And, will vote to responsibly next go-around.

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  3. Hi Ray
    Winston Churchill said
    ““To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day.”
    Someone is clearly proving that. Still a lot of people wanted him and now so many others/the rest of the world have to live with him


    1. Campanella tweeted about the same thing a few hours ago. My reply wasn’t all that nice. With climate change it’s only going to get worse. Luckily, We have other property in other places. The only thing that ever keeps us here is my closeness to certain folks in the culture. But, thanks for trying.


  4. It’s still beautiful. And I hear you, Ray. At least America had Lincoln to steer her through the Civil War, a humble man who hungered for wisdom. I am still in disbelief over the one the country’s installed in the same seat.


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