And, So It Seems

Four little skulls, all in a row.

I did a lot of writing yesterday.

That’s not my normal approach. It’s also not my normal approach to comment on political or world events. I’ve long thought that there are plenty of people doing it. Some who are very good at it. Some, not so much.

It also seems that you like what I’m writing. And, my thoughts on particular subjects. Or, I can’t reach and am fooling myself.

Let’s discuss something that really troubles me.

But, first. The picture. I made it in The French Quarter. I always thought it was sort of light-hearted. But, my mood must have gotten in the way when I was working with it. I made it dark and spooky. If you like Halloween, this picture is fine. If it’s not a big deal, you might not like this picture. It might be slipping to the side of evil. I get that. But, I’m influenced by my life experience and the issues of the day.


The real discussion. The NRA. I wrote in reader comments, in The New York Times, that they should be disbanded. Sued by private citizens into oblivion.

Here’s why.

First, I am not anti-gun. The are perfectly good reasons for owning guns. We own two. But, I do not see any reason to own a semi-automatic long gun. They are designed for one purpose. And, one purpose only. To kill. They aren’t good hunting weapons. They aren’t great target weapons. And, unless you really know what you are doing, they are terrible self-defense weapons. They certainly don’t need to be silenced. And, you can modify them in minutes to be full automatic.

Yet, the NRA keeps pumping money into the defense of everything gun-oriented. No common sense idea passes their muster. And, they have so many politicians in their front and back pockets that they do nothing. That also means appointed judges too.

There is a direct correlation to the NRA’s activities and the rise of gun-related deaths. Quite frankly, there are too many high-powered weapons on the streets. Yeah, yeah. I know that criminals can and will get their hands on guns if they want them. I know a street corner in New Orleans where I can buy whatever gun I want. Then I can walk across the street and buy whichever drugs I need for false courage. For me, that equation is simple. Cut the volume of guns and their will be fewer illegal guns on the street. Cut the volume of easily modifiable semi-automatic weapons and there will be fewer mass shootings.

Yes, I know this latest mass shooter bought his guns legally. He flew under the radar. He was seemingly just another old guy living a quiet life. An old guy who bought 43 guns, many of them similar. They are not collectors guns. They are “work” guns.” Guns for killing. For shooting a lot of people at one time. Did anybody ever think to review his sales while he was being vetted and wonder, “what the hell is this guy doing?” We know the answer. Now.


The NRA says no. And, the politicians agree.  They need the NRA’s money. They speak about Second Amendment rights. They say, after each mass shooting, this is not the right time to discuss this. They add that their thoughts and prayers are with the victims. They also mostly claim to be Christian. They should read their Bible more often. You know, “Prayers without work are meaningless.” And, something about Jesus Christ chasing the money changers out of the temple.

Because the politicians of the day are mostly spineless and mealy-mouthed, we have to act for them. Take down the NRA. Force them into bankruptcy. Take away the cash cow. The constantly flowing money. Without the cash, the politicians may actually be forced to do what their constituency wants them to do.


My first thought is legally. What would happen if all of those people’s families who were shot, killed or hurt in Las Vegas — some 580 of them — filed individual lawsuits with individual legal theories attached to them? I don’t know.

But, it’s a start.


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