Bones in the window.

The scary season.

This year, it could be every season. Every season is scary.

I awoke to reading and then watching that over 50 people were killed and over 200 more were wounded in a mass shooting in Las Vegas. These were called conservative estimates by CBS. That’s a lot of shooting and a lot of unnecessary innocent deaths. I don’t believe this is politically motivated. Apparently the shooter was a 64-year-old man who lived in a group, or assisted living, home.

The week starts off with terrible news.I don’t want to deal with it yet.

So, I’ll get back to pictures. Day two of the Halloween season. The calendar says it is. The weatherman says it’s going to be 85 degrees today. Not very crisp. Not very fall-like. Oh well, we will all get by.

The picture. I made this in The French Quarter where people roam around in their skeletons all year around. I don’t mean in their costumes. I mean in their real skeletons. Come to think of it, so do I. You just can’t see it through my skin. This was a color file with which I tinkered. And, tinkered. Eventually, I came to a picture that I liked. And, went further. This image is the result.

I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s travel show while I was working on this picture. He was in a foreign country. The cook was cooking bones in a broth. I wonder… nah.