The scary French Quarter.

Halloween and New Orleans.

They fit together like white on rice. Or, something like that. I thought that I would do a theme page for the thirty days leading up the big scare fest.

No. I’m not given up on political commentary… when it’s needed. I will point out the Pumpkin Head (see how nicely I fit that into the Halloween theme?) tweeted 18 times in 11 hours, mostly attacking Puerto Rico and the mayor. For good measure, he threw in the NFL (like the players are gonna listen to him) and attacked the media. To be sure, anybody that blogs is part of the “evil” media. I bet you never thought of that.

A friend of mine, Shawn who posts as Montana Rose,  accidentally reminded me of something with a long rant in the comments section of Storyteller. First, I have no problem with her rant. Have at it. She pretty much said what many of us are feeling. She even worked the Mayans into her comment. How cool is that?

Something else came up for me. I’ve long said that this is an artistic place. A blog about photographs, New Orleans and other more gentle things. One of the things Shawn said, like of all of us, is that she is reminded daily about the clown and his constant tweets, attacks and responses. And, about his lack of kindness, skills and general incompetence. Man, is she right.

We could all use a break.

That’s why today’s post is mostly about the holidays. Halloween. In New Orleans, that may be the most important one, following Mardi Gras. See what I’m saying? Our big holidays are different from the rest of The United States. Not better or worse. Just different. And, weirder.

The picture. I made the original picture in The French Quarter on a walk. Despite the spookiness of Halloween, sometimes the better pictures are made in daylight. It was also was made in color. I started tinkering as I usually do. Eventually, to my mind, it started looking like some very early pictures taken in France, in the 1830s and 40s. Before film was a thing.