A little wood like glow.

What matters. This forest matters.

There was a political advertisement on television last night. I was watching the local news. That’s a whole other story.

The guy running for state treasurer wants to cut taxes. Huh? That how we got into this mess. The state of Louisiana can’t afford anything. We can’t pay much for education, healthcare or even rebuilding our ravaged coastline.  Meanwhile, the fine Republicans in Washington D.C. also want to cut taxes. And, raise military spending. And, build a wall. And, maybe work on the country’s crumbling infrastructure.

Where the hell do these people think this money is coming from?

I’m no fan of high taxes. But, I know enough that I have to pay some kind of fair share. The Federal tax cuts won’t help me. The likely won’t help you. They’ll only help the very rich. The ones who don’t need a tax cut. The one’s who barely pay taxes already because they exploit loopholes and write things off that most people can’t.

This tax cutting plan is just another scam. Let’s face it, the folks in the current administration think they are entitled. They want to bill you and me for private airplane rides. They want to fly to see the total eclipse or to go on their honeymoon. It’s not enough that their net worths are probably one hundred times our total net worths, but they want us to pay for their fun.

Drain the swamp, he said. That’s rich. He’s just dredging a deeper one.

The picture. What does it have to do with my words? Nothing. I just like it. And, I was tinkering around. I thought that you might like it too.

Oh. Yeah. There is some seriously fake news streaming around. People are falling for it. Supposedly, somebody wrote a really long post or email from the scene about how the U.S. Government and its rescue arms like FEMA are doing a really great job in Puerto Rico. That everything we have been reading is a lie. That all they need are truck drivers. And, to call a certain telephone number to volunteer. They claim that because things are so disorganized that you must leave a message and somebody will call you back.

I’ve seen the entire “email” in various places. It is exactly the same no matter what the source. Can you say scam? Even if it isn’t, it’s nothing more than a Trump-bot hoping to make the clown with a crown look good.