Under strange skies.

An alternative reality.

Yes. That’s what we are living in, and have been for a long time. Watching Ken Burns’ Vietnam series reminded me of that. There certainly was no transparency then. Apparently, every president including Kennedy knew the war was unwinnable. Yet we continued to pour troops and money into a corrupt country’s government.

Now we have the current presidential administration saying that all is good news in Puerto Rico. We’ve finally made a move. Meanwhile the people on the ground are still begging for help. Splitting the difference are the people saying there are huge stores of goods on airfields and in ports waiting to be delivered because there are no drivers and trucks.

Let’s accept the last comment. Shall we? It’s sort of believable enough.

Isn’t that what the U.S. military and National Guard are good at doing? Moving troops and vehicles anywhere around the world? Clear out the airport and the U.S. is capable of flying planes large enough to deliver tanks if that’s what is needed. Now, a general is running things on the ground. Let’s just see what happens.

I didn’t intend to go off on this tangent today.

This is supposed to be “Fabulous Funny fairytale Friday.” That’s why I made this picture into some kind of art. Into something that can’t be seen by the human eye. Into something that only a few people can see. Originally, the picture was a flower reaching into the bright New Mexican sky. The flower is still reaching. But, that’s no earthly sky that I ever saw.