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Dead flowers and changing seasons.

No. It’s not what you are thinking.

After the first two days of the week, I wouldn’t blame you.

This image celebrates the change of seasons, which in two days will bring Autumn weather and changing and falling leaves. Of course, all of this is relative. Yesterday, our nice crisp fall weather was like this… 92 degrees and about 85% humidity. A walking steam bath. Let me tell you, that ain’t changing in two days.

Sometime in October the temperatures and humidity will begin to drop. When that happens, it is probably our prettiest season of the entire year. Eventually a kind of winter will arrive and I’ll start wearing long pants. And, a hoodie. Or, something fleece. Hopefully, we’ll also have some really cold days. We need sub-freezing days to control the next summer’s insect population. We only need three days like that in a row. That didn’t happen last winter. Everything went crazy. My dogs were not amused.

The picture. Oh, you know. Lots and lots and lots of post production magic. I really want to be a painter. If only I had the talent and skills.



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