Shelter Me

Nature’s art.

Nature. And, me.

I awoke to about a billion messages. Well, that’s an exaggeration. But, all social media seemed to be blazing with screechy posts about hurricanes, earthquakes and firestorms.


Maybe everybody is right. Nature is in full rebellion. Or, the end times are upon us. Who knows? All I know is that nature seeks stasis. She is neither angry or happy. She just is, and does.

All of you settle down. I wrote it yesterday. I guess, I’ll just keep repeating myself.

If nature is paying us back or the end times are here there isn’t much we can do. Enjoy the ride. Think about it. We will see what’s never been seen. We may be seeing some of that now.

The picture. More experimentation with photographs and art. A peaceful little picture. A calming picture. Look at it carefully and be at peace.

One more thing. See a comment from a troll called Amanda. What do you think? Cursing isn’t adult in my opinion. She got me interested. I went to her blog. It’s about what I thought. Especially her post about AA and NA. Very typical. Oh, after my reply she changed her icon picture from herself to a pig. Hmmmm…




  1. The reason why everyone is concerned about that matter is because the President of USA walked out historical agreement of Climate Change implementation of Paris and the global warming is affecting US most.that’s the reason why you need to hear that from every part of the world.


    1. Not really. Not this time. When I open my phone and see everybody talking about fire 9n the west, three hurricanes in the Atlantic and a huge earthquake in Mexico that has little to do with Trump.


  2. Most people are nothing if they are not filled with fear and angst. I also think that social media just heightens it. All the ‘settled and let it ride’ posts hidden by all the “clean off the milk shelves, end of days are upon us” posts. A friend of mine lives in Florida, and he feels about the same way we do….do not panic and worry unless there truly is a reason-even then, not a lot we can do about it so to just settle down. If God, or the powers, were going to try and take us out…I think at this point, he’d just do it all at once. We’re clearly not very good at learning lessons. As for the picture, I like it. I like the majority of them, though.

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    1. Living down here (most of the time) we know to make a choice. Leave or stay. With a hurricane the size of Irma, we’d be in other other home by now. With something smaller, we’d stay. That said, I’m about to give up on social media which amplifies everything.

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  3. There’s so much truth to what you say, Ray. I haven’t exercised the best judgment in my own habits of late. I’m one of the “statistics” responsible for boosting a particular cable news network’s ratings this year. When I begin to worry that my head will explode I finally walk away, but I’m working on that! And to my credit, I do try to keep my hysteria to myself and not spill all over others! 🙂 I took my camera into my own garden today and captured some photos just to enjoy the change in the garden as we move from summer to fall–undoubtedly a better use of my time.

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    1. There was one day when I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to read The New York Times to which we subscribe online. I just kept going about my business. At night, we settled down to watch a film on Netflix. I felt so much better. Peaceful. Quiet.

      It’s true that I monitor NOAA (which is the national service that local TV stations watch) during hurricane season, but it’s best for me to forget most stuff.

      I’m convinced that almost anything is a better use of our time, except for working on the computer…

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