Nature’s art.

Nature. And, me.

I awoke to about a billion messages. Well, that’s an exaggeration. But, all social media seemed to be blazing with screechy posts about hurricanes, earthquakes and firestorms.


Maybe everybody is right. Nature is in full rebellion. Or, the end times are upon us. Who knows? All I know is that nature seeks stasis. She is neither angry or happy. She just is, and does.

All of you settle down. I wrote it yesterday. I guess, I’ll just keep repeating myself.

If nature is paying us back or the end times are here there isn’t much we can do. Enjoy the ride. Think about it. We will see what’s never been seen. We may be seeing some of that now.

The picture. More experimentation with photographs and art. A peaceful little picture. A calming picture. Look at it carefully and be at peace.

One more thing. See a comment from a troll called Amanda. What do you think? Cursing isn’t adult in my opinion. She got me interested. I went to her blog. It’s about what I thought. Especially her post about AA and NA. Very typical. Oh, after my reply she changed her icon picture from herself to a pig. Hmmmm…