Moody rain drops.

A miracle.

After reading what I wrote yesterday, that’s what a friend of mine wrote. Maybe we’ll get a miracle. I replied that miracles take work. And, that work is good.

That’s about all I know.

Miracles. Hope. Faith. All the rest. They take work. I learned that when I was a young child in school. Catholic school. What did they say? “Faith without work is dead.”

I’ve forgotten all of the rest.

So, when I read on Facebook, that a friend of mine who lives in Florida was going to deal with the impending Hurricane Irma by staying home and meditating, I was reminded of this old joke that floated around after Hurricane Katrina. See what I did there?

It goes like this.

After the levees broke, a guy was trapped on his roof.

A guy came by with a canoe. “He said, hop on. I’ll get you out of here.” The guy on the roof said, “No. I’m a Christian and I’m praying for God’s intervention.”

The flood waters rose. A guy came by and offered his assistance with a large boat. The guy on the roof said the same thing.

Finally, the water was lapping the top of the roof. A pilot in a passing helicopter drops a rope and yells for the guy on the roof to grab the rope or he’ll drown. “No, the guy on the roof says, I’m waiting for God’s help. “

The guy on the roof drowns.

He reaches the Pearly Gates, where God is waiting for him. He says to God, “I believed in you. I prayed to you. You didn’t come.”

God says, “What do you want from me? I sent you a canoe, a boat and a helicopter.” 

There you have it.

The picture. It’s a really simple image. Water droplets on a leaf. Then I got cheeky. I worked on it Stackables. Then I finished it in Snapseed. I could have left it alone. But, no. You know me.