Looking into the sky.

Southern Nights.

That’s a song written by the late, great Allen Toussaint. In the live version of the song, he talks through a very long opening about what nights like the one in this picture meant to him. After a week like we just had, looking up and seeing this meant the world. To me.

No. All is not right in the world. Climate change is here and real. Our government is a mess. My country is as divided as it has ever been. We are becoming isolated and at the same time involved in international wars.

I looked up. I saw this sky. This tree. Everything felt better. I know that this really doesn’t change anything. Change takes work. Nature plays no favorites. But, seeing this took the weight off. For just a few minutes. But, that’s enough. For now.

The picture. Oh, I really have to laugh. A friend of mine stumbled onto some of my nature pictures. Make no mistake. I am not a nature photographer. At least not in the sense the great ones are. But, he was impressed enough to ask how I make these pictures. He almost fell on the ground, rolling around laughing when I told him. I said, “First, I walk into the my yard…”

My “nature” work is very easy to make. I don’t travel a million miles into the hinterlands. I don’t climb the highest mountain. I don’t swim the deepest sea.

I just go outside and look around.