Then, This Happened

The storm mostly blew by.


As dusk fell last night, we saw this. A little peace on a mostly nasty day.

The dogs, who see stuff, are serious water wimps.  I have to be careful when I write that. They love to swim in the pool. They have no problem jumping into a smelly swamp and coming out muddy. But, when water falls from the sky. Uh huh. No way. They aren’t going out in that stuff.


They stayed inside until the rain finally stopped. They mostly slept which is how they keep from needing to relieve themselves. The minute the skies cleared, out they went with a little help from their friends. Me.

I looked up. This was about the first thing that I saw.

Snap, snap, click, click.

A picture was born.

I think the worst is past. Well past. New Orleans happens to be in a split in what is left of Harvey. It’s a little windy, but the sun is shining. Apparently, the storm is passing through both sides of the region while avoiding us. We get little squalls of rain. The dogs are not amused.

But, Houston is another matter. The city is still flooded and probably won’t drain until sometime this weekend.

That’s just the beginning. Then it starts.

In New Orleans, we know about recovery from a disaster of this magnitude. It starts right off, with the discovery of your flooded home and everything you lost. I cannot begin to tell you what that feels like.

Then, it gets worse. Dealing with insurance companies, FEMA, contractors, adjusters, and every bit of criminal riff-raff who wants your money. This sucks whatever is left of your soul right out. This can go one for years.

While you may recover, you’ll never ever be whole.

Here’s an example. Because my sister lives in an earthquake prone place, we decided I would be the keeper of our family’s Christmas ornaments. Some of the decorations were purchased in 1942, while my dad served in the war.  I stored them in one of the out buildings.

When I finally got home after Katrina, I walked through my destroyed back gate and saw the soil and mud glittering. Huh, I thought. What’s that? Then it hit me.

Good move, Laskowitz kids. If the thunder don’t get you than the lightning will. Or the water. Or the chemicals in the water.

I guess those Christmas decorations found their final home. In a yard of a house in which I no longer live.

Make no mistake. We went on a Christmas decoration buying spree. We have decorations from all over the place. New Mexico. Texas. The West Coast. New Orleans. Europe. Asia. I can decorate two or three Christmas trees.

But, it isn’t the same. It’ll never be the same.

I’d tell what else was lost. But, I’d just depress you. And, me.



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