Okay, Okay…

Superdome weather.

Well. I guess you would rather see art, than documentation.

Fine with me. I’d rather make art. I’ll save the documentation for my agents.

Let’s see what I can do with some of the work I produced on Monday. I’ll start with this picture. I was on my way to The French Quarter, when the light changed for the better. The Superdome was lighted from sun rays bouncing off the clouds.  Of course, I was driving on the interstate at the time.


I did what I haven’t done in a long, long time. A drive by shooting. With a camera. Not a weapon. As some of you know, who have been with me for a while, I just prop the camera on the dashboard of the car, set everything on auto and more-or-less point and shoot.

Sometimes I get really lucky. Mostly, I don’t. I think I was fairly lucky with this picture. I like the framing. I like the light on the dome. I like the silhouetted sign. I wasn’t happy with the sky.  So, I added a lot to it in post production including the rain. No. It isn’t accurate from a documentation point of view. But, it does represent New Orleans. Especially this time of year.

In order to really see the picture properly, I suggest that you open it up. Way up.

No. I didn’t use Snapseed for post production. Unless I load pictures made with a camera into iPhotos or Google Photos and work via my smart phone, I can’t use Snapseed. That’s just as well. It’s a fine app. But, I like working with other software, on a monitor that I can actually see. And, there are more options. And, better quality processing with software like OnOne, or PhaseOne.

I suggest that you work on a bigger monitor too. As you know, I think there are a lot of junk pictures online. 95% of them, in fact. I suspect a good number of those marginal images live because the person who took them can’t see them very well.

Think about that.


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