Glowing in the dark.

A little layering. Because.

Just because. I had the images and I pretty much saw the picture in my head while I was actually pushing the button. I had a vision. Then I saw… oh, never mind.

For this image, it’s about layering. Again. I haven’t done this in a while even though I like it. And, you like it. Besides, it’s something the lives in my head. I’ve seen a couple of you try layering with good results. If I had a critique, it would be that you aren’t pushing it far enough.

The steps are simple. Make a couple of pictures. Use some editing tool to stack them. Adjust them for depth and brightness. Fine tune them. You’re done. But, really push them. And, for gosh sakes don’t use the histogram to guide you. Once you start doing this everything looks clipped and too heavy in the shadows. That’s only natural. You are piling up the dark side of the image.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Do you know the Yiddish word, “schnorrer?” Well. MJ make this picture. Hahahahahahaha. Oh, if you don’t want that lightning struck look on your pictures, close the radius and don’t make the pictures so damn contrasty. Actually, that’s a lesson for all photographers. 🙂

Yiddish. With a last name like mine, what do you expect? By the way, spell check wants me to change schnorrer to schnauzer.



2 Replies to “Mystery”

  1. Lol. Schnorrer is a well known word, at least among older folks here. Until World War 2 Amsterdam had a thriving jewish quarter, and yiddish found it’s way into my language. (Just like mazzel, nebbish, gotspe, mesjogge and pleite. To name just a few) A Schnauzer is something completely different, as Monty Python would say. Schnauze! in German means: shut up. Spelling checkers mostly aren’t that uncommon word friendly 🙂


    1. It’s known here too. That’s why I used it. New Orleans is an interesting place. Even though we are known to be French, the Spanish really built the current version of The French Quarter, Germans and Jewish people built a large part of Uptown and in parts of the 9th Ward. Italians dug the canals. My dogs agree with you about Schnauzer… But, they are French and British. 🙂

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