Lost in the village.

This made me smile.

The bright red mushroom made me think of a hobbit. All bright and colorful. Attractive. Pretty. Seeing them made me smile. And, I’m pretty sure if you ingested it, you wouldn’t like the effects.

It’s called the Fly Agaric. It’s the classic toadstool of children’s books. Often, their caps are more round and have yellow dots on the tops.

There are two toxins in it. Muscimol  and Ibotenic Acid. They act on the central nervous system. They can cause lack of coordination, agitation, drowsiness, nausea and hallucinations. In other words, after about an hour when they kick in, they cause craziness. Imagine being sleepy and agitated at the same time.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

They also kill dogs. Luckily, the dog who finds stuff has no interest in them. But, some dogs do. Be forewarned.

The picture. It’s pretty much as you see it. If anything, I toned it down a little since the sensor wants to see the mushroom as bright red, when to my eye, it is a little golden. It may be dangerous, but I reacted immediately. I also added a little glow to make it more mystical. After all, some ancient cultures eat these in measure quantities for exactly their hallucinogenic effects.


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