SCBT Company

Twenty two.

Uh, what?

Twenty two. I found this on what I thought was a pole supporting a power line. It’s not. It’s a pole supporting very old school telephone land lines.

I had no idea what SCBT Co is, or was. So I did the Google thing.

Turns out it was the logo for the South Central Bell Telephone Company. It was located in Birmingham, Alabama. It was created in 1968, when Bell telephone operations were split off in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. The two companies were reunited in 1984 and as part of the AT&T system in 1992. All of this was a big part of the 1982 Bell breakup as ordered by the Department of Justice which resulted in seven Baby Bells. By the way, AT&T did not survive. It is owned by what was Southwestern Bell or SBC, and operates under the name of AT&T Inc.

I have no idea what the number 22 means in this context. I suppose it means, uh, well, 22.

There’s a bunch of lessons to be learned here. Go outside. Keep your eyes open. Photograph what you see. Do not edit your seeing. Turn your mind off. Just take pictures. Do some post production magic to bring out the colors and texture of the original image.

Then. If you are going to post it, share it or show it.

Do some research. I learned a lot from this simple little picture. And, it’s got a nice glow. Like my magic mushroom does. Heh!

Although some people believe art is art and doesn’t need context, I disagree. I think to understand art, you need to know something about it. This is one of the reasons that so many photographs look the same today. No underlying context. I get a lot of emails about entering this or that photo contest. They always show last year’s pictures as an example of winners. The all look the same. In the nature category, for instance, soft hazy water, night skies pointed towards The Milky Way made with a wide angle lens, mountain ridges with sunsets and clouds…

Which brings me to the Solar Eclipse.

I’m going to photograph it. But, we don’t live in the area of totality. So, I probably won’t even try to photograph the event itself. There are far better people — mostly scientists — who are better equipped to do the real job. And, there will be 3,89,514,981 and one images of the eclipse and the “diamond ring.” You really need a telescope to do that right. And, proper filtration. I don’t have either.

I’m going to photograph everything else. Groups of people looking at it. Landmarks with the eclipse behind or around it. Will it be the great eclipse picture of 2017? Oh no. But, it’ll be a little different and it will be done in my style.

Oh. I see that because everything must be branded, an event in nature is now called “The Great American Eclipse.”

I have two words for that. But, this is a family page.


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