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The Oldest Story

Through the stones.

Storm season.

Everything is wet. Sticky. Humid. Goopy.

That’s not always pleasant. But, it does keep us looking young and wrinkle free. When they say that 60 is the new 40, around here they really mean it. Living in an outdoor sauna helps. So does some kind of hair dye product. Or, a wig.

Oh. Never mind.

This kind of weather helps the plants, trees and flowers. Look at this picture. Brand new baby trees growing through a rock. I’m not sure that’s all that difficult around here. After all, even if you live on a ridge like I do, it’s still swamp bottom. You might have to go back a few years to find that. But, what’s 10 or 20,000 years among friends? Those rocks might not be so solid. A plant root might be able to crack something that is already soft.

The picture. Another dog walk. Photograph what I see. Eventually, I’ve got to get back to seeing more urban pictures, but for now a little peace and quiet is a good thing. Especially when most of social media was calling yesterday, “Nuclear Tuesday.”


I’m too old to get blown up.

And, Glen Campbell passed. Rest in Peace. Or, Rest in Heaven, as they say around here. You were part of my youth. It is also the 22nd anniversary of The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia’s passing. He was 53 years old. He left way too young. Fame was hard on him.

Maybe I’m not too old to get blown up. Damn.




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