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In yellow.


Leaves that look sort of like fall. In the dog days of summer. After another rain storm. That’s the nature of things in Southeast Louisiana. It’s cool to see these little bits of color since most of the flowers are long gone. Some will come back again along about October when we have a second growing season. That is, assuming that we have a fairly normal fall season and the heat dissipates.

But, normal?

That’s the question. The unnamed storm that dumped between three and 10 inches of rain on the city in a few hours was not normal.

What was normal — the new normal — occurred in the hours after the rain fell. The event became politicized. Almost weaponized. Everybody blamed everybody else. Every kind of nonsense theory started to bloom. Thank God for social media and the internet. Or, not.

The truth is fairly simple.

Either the storm was a 100 year event which is what the old timers talk about. The real old timers. Like my neighbor who is 96 years old and remembers what her parents and grandparents told her about storms like this. It will happen again. But, not soon.

Or, it has something to do with climate change. If we don’t change our ways, it will happen again. Soon.

If I count the storm that flooded the Baton Rouge area last summer, causing billions of dollars of damage, I’d be inclined to think seriously about climate change. Soon. Very soon. Yes, that was 50 miles upriver. But, it’s still the same region.

Through the mud.

The pictures. Pictures that I saw along the way. While walking a dog or two or three. They find this stuff. Not me. I just go where they point me. Talk about robo-photography. Sheesh. Most of what you see, and hopefully like, in these pictures comes after the fact. The originals are somewhat flat and dull. I have a pretty clear vision of what they will turn into once I’m done with them. At least for this go around. I’m sure, like anything else, I’ll change my mind and how I see.

On top of things.



  1. Your photos are amazing. Something about them always draws me in. The details of color, texture and lighting. I don’t just look at your photos, I study and appreciate the details.

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