Rain drop on a leaf. The color way.

A little comparison.

A couple of you here, and on other social media, liked my last black and white offering very much. Thank you. You said that was the right direction to take the picture. I agree with you. I thought that it was too.


You can’t possibly know that without seeing both versions of the image. Maybe the color version was really wowie-zowie. That’s a technical term for really good. Ha! Rather than repost a picture so soon along with its colorful mate, I thought that I would post two new images that are similar in subject and theme.


Here they are. Still in the theme of water. Still a very tightly composed image, with no crops or external enhancements. Both versions do have a funny rim shadow that looks like I popped a strobe on it. I didn’t. That is just a characteristic of late afternoon light that feel after the storm.

By the way, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a portrait of the dog who shows me stuff on our walks. It too is in black and white. I’m supposed to work in color. I’ve made my career on it. But, lately I’ve been intrigued by my earliest roots. Black and white photography.

Who knows where my muse will lead me. All I know is that I should pay attention.

Rain drop on a leaf. The black and white way.

19 Replies to “A Rain Drop. Two Ways.”

  1. I’m a huge fan of black and white as it often adds more drama to the picture. In this case and while is is unique and beautiful in their own way, I am more drawn to the vibrant color and the contrast. “A dying leaf in a vibrant world.”


    1. I started out in black and white in the days when I used Tri-x, developed and printed everything. The minute that I could, I switched to color slide film. There is no margin for error with that. Now that I work in the digital world, I seem to be wandering around a little.

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  2. Your last line, “All I know is that I should pay attention” is completely profound. Such a perfect way to describe the feeling when creativity strikes and you have no idea of where it’s going or if it’s any good, and somehow that doesn’t matter, because you have to do it. You really are a wonderful writer in addition to your photography genius.


    1. Thank you. It’s sort of Zennish. For all things. It’s doing the next indicated thing. There is a Buddhist story that goes like this. A young monk has finished his porridge. He tells senior monk, who replies, “Well, you should go wash your bowl.” I write out of self defense. Some folks say that I should write a book. My problem is that I have nothing I want to say in a book. Oh well.


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