Day: August 1, 2017

Sky & Bubbles

The minimalistic version. The one I promised yesterday. The one with clouds in the water. And bubbles on the water. And one leaf. And orange leaf. To give it a sense of location. A sense of place. Of top and bottom. After living with this picture for a couple of days, I realized what inspired me. And who. A book that may be out of print. Called “The Creation.” By Ernst Haas. He’s long gone. Gone too early. At the age of 58. He was a muse and a mentor. He was the one who taught me, after he was asked about cameras and film, that it was “just stuff.” Think about the picture. Not the gear. Not the film. Or, the mega pixels. This picture has a place in his book. Or not. I’m not him. No matter how hard I try. That may be a good thing. Because I am me. For better or worse. Advertisements