Still in the Lower 9th Ward.

Nature changed this place. With a storm. A storm that will live forever in our hearts, minds and souls. And, in history books.

She gave us a new start. She showed us some truths. There are places we should rebuild. There are places that we shouldn’t.

This is one of those places. It’s good fertile land. The land is far below sea level. The closer you get to the lake side of the neighborhood, the more you are likely to see never drying mud. Water bubbling through the earth. Use this land to plant crops. Everything grows here. Without much farming effort. Feed the rest of the city.

The picture. Symbolic imagery is hard to make. Strip down a complex scene. Photograph that. You might come close. I tried when I saw this bit of what remains of a house. See the remaining color? Vieux Carre Green. One of New Orleans’ colors. That, plus the summer flowers, told the story for me. Nature wants stasis. Things return to what they were.

I might be a little too close emotionally to the subject matter. I see my point. Do you?