Po’ boys.

More Bywater. More Vaughn’s.

Even though we were trying to cover a lot of ground fairly quickly, I slowed things down when we got to one of my intended destinations. My colleagues looked around and talked to the bartender. I made pictures of whatever I saw. Inside and out.

It really was just that simple.

Talk to people. Make pictures.

That po’boy sign always draws my attention. It’s been there, in that state, for at least the 19 years that I’ve been in New Orleans. It’s a sort of a landmark. It’s weathered all manner of storms, including Hurricane Katrina.

The bar has survived too. Unlike a couple of bars in the French Quarter, it closes during hurricanes. No matter what, it re-opens. The regulars come back. All is good.

Inside Vaughn’s during a quiet time.

12 Replies to “Vaughn’s in The Bywater”

    1. Thank you. You probably want to poke around here. Lots of posts about nola because I live here. Depends on what you like. Why are you coming? What do you like to do? I can say that October is the start of second line season for 2017-2018. If you are here on a Sunday, there are two that start in Treme and four that start in Central City.

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      1. appreciated Ray…yes i think a lot about the ethics of street photography as a visual researcher….i also share with people i meet sometimes but not always…i would like to work towards more street portraiture…thank you Ray 🙂


      2. Hi. I’m not sure about the ethics, probably because I’m not naturally sneaky. I do believe what passes for street photography today is about not interacting with the subject at all by either shooting from the hip, from across the street or with long lenses. Generally, if somebody asks for my card and contacts me I send them a file or a print. The biggest thing for me is if somebody sees me taking their picture before I’m ready to talk, I never try to hide. I approach them and show them the picture on my camera. That makes them feel
        more comfortable.


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