Summer glow.

Yes. Dog days.

As summer continues to roll on we get to a place called the “dog days.” It’s a time when the air is too hot for even dogs to wander about. They hide out in the shade. If there is a body of water, they swim. They don’t ramble about in the mid-day sun. Only mad dogs and Englishmen do that.

I realized that with all my layering experiments I haven’t really made any summer pictures. Normally, my goal is to make ten great pictures. Usually, I come up with one or two. There are many ways to photograph a kind of summer icon. But, it’s hard to make great pictures.

I’ve been a little busy with other stuff this summer. I haven’t had the time to think through what I wanted those pictures to be. I certainly didn’t have time to roam around looking for them.

This picture just sort of fell into my lap. I looked up. There it was. I made the picture. I tinkered with it. And, here you have it. I’m not sure it fits into even the remotest definition of greatness. But, it is a summer picture.

In a week or so, I’ll be able to get back to it. I’ll be able to make new, fresh images. That doesn’t mean the layered series is coming to an end. I’m happy to say that the series is fleshed out and full. To be sure, there is more to come. Much more. The most important take away is how much I learned by working through the process.

That may be the most important thing.

Learning. Always learning.