Contrails light up the sky.

Freedom. Light. Surreal.

That’s what a very few people who looked at this image before I posted it said about it. How cool. Those are great words. I wonder what you think.

I’m seeing a little differently now.

I’m seeing shapes rather than color. I’m using some of the post production tools in different ways. Remember, for me, Storyteller is an experiment. This is a grand experiment. I normally see in color. The camera makes a color file. The only way to make a black and white file in most dslr bodies is to switch from RAW to jpg. Leica makes an all black and white body. There may be others. Leica is out of the question. The black and white images are just another link in the chain of my own learning and development (no pun intended). I don’t think I want to pay $7,500 for that. Yep. That’s the cost of the Leica BW body.

This picture came from just being outside and taking a walk. It is locationless. It is timeless. It combines a couple of elements in nature. Trees and skies. And, one man-made element. The jet contrail. The post production is done to give the picture a softer, more vintage, and more other worldly look. It seems my post work has gone from experimental to intentional. I have a pretty good idea of where I want the raw file to go.

One more thing. Cropping. I wanted to make the image really deep to emphasize the light.