Into the sun.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I remember what I wrote yesterday. But, my muse had other ideas. So, I made a couple of black and white cloud studies.

From my ongoing art studies, I know that this falls into very a classic style of photography. That, and self portraits… which have morphed into selfies. I’m not big on that for a lot of reasons. I suppose that after the 14,987th selfie that you instagrammed I have a pretty good idea of what you look like. At least, as you want me to see you. I want to see where you where. What you did.

And, there’s also airplane pictures. You know the ones. They have a wing tip in the picture and something in the background. Sometimes they are interesting because of the light and background. But, mostly they are copies of copies of copies. When I first started in photo agency work, we rejected them out of hand because we had thousands of them in the files already. In 1989. All I can advise is to photograph something beside the wing. Or, if your airline is buzzing something unusual like the US Capitol or the Eiffel Tower. By all means keep that wingtip in the picture. It might be useful for identification purposes after your plane is shot out of the sky. Heh!

Seriously. A little black and work for a little while. I’ll go back to color in a bit. That where I work. Where I like to work. But, sometimes my muse calls, says hey you, and clubs me over the head.

Over the top.