The glowing silver man.

You’ve seen these guys. I know you have.

Mimes who are painted silver or gold. They are folks working for tips at almost every walking tourist location in the world. I found this guy in The French Quarter. I distributed the original silver man picture through my various agencies. Then, he languished in my archives until Google Images found him again.

You know what came next. Tinkering. Layering. Fiddling. The silver paint actually turned blue with all of the extra work until I scrubbed it clean and back to silver. Or, white.

Yes. In case you are wondering, with my tip came a model release form. He had no problem with it as long as my tip was more than the usual dollar or two.  That’s how this stuff works. That why it’s called the photography business rather than the photography friendship. Same with any artistic work. You might do it for yourself as a form of self-expression, but the minute you start trying to make money from it, the rules change. I just wish the newer generations understood that and stopped being so proud to give their work away… so that others can make money from it.