Blue Hour

Out of the blue.


I used that in my tags. The word, in this case, has two meanings. The face is emerging out of the darkness from something that looks like a forest. The other meaning is more autobiographical. You know what I say about making art. The word might be about me and my work. I’m emerging. My work is emerging.

Even though a street approach to photography is what defines me. I wonder if I can really do it again. If I want to keep doing it. Making a good street picture feels very good. But, so does making this work.

Layering is not that hard to do. Commercial wedding and portrait photographers do it all the time. They make the original base picture in a studio, or even in their backyards. They add all sorts of fantastical images to the final piece. A portrait of a young child starts in the studio and ends up in some kind of wonderland.

Their work is inspiring. But, it’s different from mine. Theirs is from the outside, in. Mine is from the inside, out. Mine is the stuff of dreams. Or, nightmares. Often the base picture — or portrait, in this case — is decades old. The past. Mostly, the top layers are new. Made in the last few weeks. The present. Sometimes, the image crosses into the future. That’s hard to do with a photograph.


The picture. The base picture — the portrait — is 40 years old. It’s made on black and white film. The layers are fairly new. The rest is as always. Find the right mix, position the bits and pieces, fine tune, crop as needed and post.


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