A kid of rebirth.

“Whatever you want them to mean.”

John Lennon said that when he was asked what his songs meant. Slice them. Dice them. Pictures. Writing. Music. Any art, really. It all comes back to the viewer. Or, listener. Or, reader.

For me, this is about rebirth in nature. For you, whatever you want it to be.

I’ll tell you what’s in the picture. An old-fashioned razor blade. A lot of watch parts. A kind of swamp grass.

That’s it.

The razor blade and watch parts came from one of my dad’s tool boxes. At one time in his life he wanted to be a watch repairman. He started a lot of projects like that and let them go. They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m living proof of that.

The grass came from my dog walks. Or, my own walks. As I’ve said, I just take pictures of stuff not knowing at the time, what I’m going to do with the pictures. Sometimes, they can stand on their own. Often times, not.

So. This is symbolic of rebirth for me. And, for you?