Choices, Choices, Choices

Maybe a little bleak.


I’m going to leave it to you. Please tell me what you think. And, hopefully, why.

I’m just going to tell you about the picture. The base picture — the portrait — is black and white, converted from a digital color image. An older personal experiment.  The layered images are the usual kinds of bits and pieces. In fact, the grass growing through what appears to be concrete is just that. Apparently, that happens everywhere. Not just in New Orleans. I’m sort of kidding about that. Of course it happens everywhere. Nature always wins. Just give her enough time.

That’s it. Enjoy your day. Or night.

A little more colorful.


  1. I love both.
    The first one seems more natural (despite the concrete, ha!), you can see more of that beautiful face, it’s more secret, mysteriously, though, and I have the impression I can see the hint of a smile in her eyes and on her lips (yes, nature always wins). It’s not at all bleak. Can’t be, because of the green and and the light on her face.
    The second concentrates at first the glance at the lovely flowers, and the face is more hidden – yes, and then your glance hang on her eyes. You want to push the flowers away to see her face, which is hidden in the shadow.
    Why I think that the first one is more secret than the second one where the person is more hidden? Because of the the pink flowers. The colour is more vivid and cheerful. It is just a matter of time when the person decides to come out of the shadow …. the first one, well nature knows, her time will come again and waits. She knows, anyway. In both pictures. This lady knows … (knew).
    It’s impressive what effect colours, light and shadow have on a viewers perception :o) … as I said, I love both, and I am not quite sure that this is what you asked for, but you asked :o) … have a good day! Silvia

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    1. Thank you. This is exactly what I’m wondering. Even though, on one hand, I work to make “my” pictures, I care how other people see them. As I’ve written, I believe all art is autobiographical, but the viewer makes his/her meaning. I’m just curious to know what that mean is. How’s NYC treating you?


      1. Oh, it was treating me very well, i came back on friday and i already miss it …. i took many impressions and pictures with me, though, and i am happy to digest the impressiins by working on the pics for my blog , i will come again … thank you for your reply :o) , yes art is communication, not only a presentation! :o)

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  2. Not sure which I like better… But the top one in green appears mythological while the bottom with pink seems fantasy….Being that I like mythological things because they bear a partial truth I’ll go with the top one with green!



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  3. O.K. What I really think, having seen this first at the dentist. Almost or maybe all your pictures are positive, inviting but these are not. It’s the way the eyes are and tone secondarily. With a welcoming expression or ‘warm look’ to the picture I’d probably like the first better.

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      1. She thinks I should go to Tulane periodontal school and if I do that then I’ll be here for a while. As for anything else we can be done year end. I’ll look at the photo on my computer, not phone, later today.


      2. oh – duh. 🙂 she didn’t see it, I looked while sitting in the chair, waiting, waiting and more waiting for her to appear. I just don’t like the fact that I’ll be tied here even longer but health comes first.


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