Foot print and blossoms.

Sometime I make pictures of very mundane things.

Like a footprint set in cement. I must have walked past it 20 times. I either didn’t see it, or it just didn’t register in my brain. One morning I saw it. Clearly. Because the light was lower and the footprint was cross lighted. I photographed it with the intent of using it in a picture in this series. I just didn’t know how. Or, with what. But, I do like the flower blossoms that I return to because they give the image a sense of movement, especially when they are layered on top of each other.

So. That’s what I did.

Thank you for all the kind words about my “how to” series of pictures yesterday. I wish I could show you more. But, the next step is really my creative thought process. That’s hard to discuss, because every one of us is an individual with our own memories and dreams. I guess the one tip I could offer is fairly simple. Once you start to understand the technique, turn your brain off. Don’t think. Just do.

Oh yeah. For certain; you’ll make mistakes, stumble around and backtrack. That’s part of the creative process. Enjoy it. And, share it.



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