A little American Flag photography.

241 years.

That’s how old my country is today. We’ve been through a lot. Wars. Depressions. Recessions. Floods. And, disasters. Expansions. Growth. Painful modernization. New technology. Old technology. Threats. And, challenges. We sent men into outer space. We went to the moon. We shortened the trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean by building a canal. (So you know, I accidentally dropped the part about oceans, making it look like we shortened the trip to the moon by building a canal. Sheesh. Perfection is for angels.) We’ve helped to conquer many illnesses. The list of accomplishments, and some setbacks, is long. There is a lot more to come.

We have a few very challenging months or years ahead of us. But, I am confident that the man who shall not be named will not hurt my country permanently. Unless he blows up the world. In that case, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Wait a minute. That’s not what this post is about. Nor, is Storyteller.

Storyteller is about art and photography and stuff. It’s that stuff part that gets me. Art — any art — is influenced by outside affairs. It isn’t just generated out of an artist’s head. The outside creeps in, spins around and comes out in some form of art. Sort of like dreams. But, different.


I made the base picture years ago. Well, not that many years ago. Seven. In 2010. In Las Vegas. In the Venetian hotel, casino, shopping mall and food court. They were featuring a — get this — Independence Day art exhibit at time. A Chinese woman was taking pictures of the flag. You can see her in my picture. I photographed her. She turned around. And, photographed me. Fair is fair.

I added my usual mix of flowers and bright spots, spun them around and you are looking at the result.

Happy Independence Day to those of you who live in the United States, and those who are abroad. To the rest of the world — most of you — enjoy Tuesday.


22 Replies to “Stars, Bars and Art”

  1. I love the part where you built the canal to the moon … :o) …. Greetings from new york! You know, i LOVE your country, and i will truely shed tears leaving it again. God bless america. A viennese (and mind you, i also love vienna, but deep in my soul i think i am american …. )


      1. You know ia few days ago i had exactly the same thoughts …. ! :o) exactly the same words … and you know, when i drove through the wild west last summer i thought i probably was born somewhere around the grand canyon for the first time … i don’t know anything about reincarnation and so on, but it really felt like home … the very home…


  2. I really enjoyed your words, which I take as encouragement! I’ve been “stressing” a great deal about “he who shall not me named,” but our country and its people have survived and overcome harsh, dark times in the past, and we will continue moving forward. Your beautiful artwork inspires me to slow my thoughts just a bit! Great reminders on the 4th, Ray.


  3. yes for us ip north it was a tuesday…241 years hmmmm well, that depends on how you look at it 😀 …hope you had fun day with your loved ones Ray…should prove to be an interesting week…smiles ~ hedy


    1. I’m not sure what you mean by that. There is some disagreement about the timing of the Declaration of Independence whether the drafting — 2 July — or the proposal — 4 July or when it was signed — 12 August — is the real date, but 241 years seems to be agreed upon in every history book… left, right or center. Some of us travelled yesterday. I’m in London as I write. This week? We will all be lucky if we aren’t in a major war with North Korea by the end of this week.

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      1. yes the date of Declaration of Independence…but America is older than 241 years…just as Canada is older than 150 years…i hope you are not right about war Ray…i know before my father died he warned me again Trump is a dangerous man…i hope smarter minds prevail…take care of you…i do love London 😀 have fun too!


      2. That’s different. Sure, counting original people the continent is many thousands of years old. But the country — after all the continent is America — the United States is 241 years old just as the country of Canada is 150 years old. I’m not sure if smarter minds — my dogs have smarter minds — will prevail. Everything is way too politicized with the right wing in control.

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