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A Vision in Blue

A vision in blue.

Sometimes, I’ll show you a portrait that is just a portrait.

This is one of those times.

Yes. Of course, I reworked it in my current new style of art. I’m not sure how much longer that will last. I made a bunch of pictures a day or so ago that are a little more “normal” in style. And, are my more general style of photographing people on site. In a little bit I won’t be in the position to work in that way. Again. I may stay in my archives out of sheer necessity.

We’ll see.

This picture. The base picture is over 40 years old. It was made on Tri-x. Black and white film. By filtering it, I could add color that wasn’t there. Not in the negative. Not in the print.

The subject is a long-lost friend of mine. By combining her first name and her last name’s first initial we called her “soupy.” That was in college. Way back. Back. Back.

The rest of the picture is layered. And, mixed. And blended. I’ve come to learn that it is best to do manipulate each individual layer. Blend them and do the work again. It gives the final image a look of depth. This picture has four layers. The work took some time. Especially when I went too far. And, had to backtrack. That’ll happen. I always say that you should just keeping going until you go too far. Of course, as I get older I’m pretty sure I rarely go far enough.

But, that’s another story.



      • I meant to tell you, Clyde’s book arrived a few days ago. We read a page a day. Usually at night. Makes us smile.

        May I ask, how long have you lived in Radford?

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      • So glad you got the book and are enjoying it! We both worked hard on it and are pleased with the results! We are both native Virginians and have lived in Radford for forty years!


      • I liked it then. We had a managing editor who was bent on building a good newspaper and I was starting my career so I was full of energy to do it.

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      • That’s great you had a such a good start! Actually, I was thinking Southwest Virginia when you asked how long we have been in Radford. We have been here since 1986. Before that we lived in Blacksburg. I like Radford better. Blacksburg is so congested now.


      • That newspaper group was called New River Newspapers. I worked in Pulaski, Radford and Blacksburg. It also meant I worked all over the state when news that was important to those places was happening. In those days, B-burg wasn’t so congested.


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