In The Mission District.

The City.

There are two meanings. The simple one. I made this picture in a city. And, the more regional one in which San Francisco is known as The City. So, I made this picture in The City.

I’ve been digging around a lot in my archives and found the base image, which I made in The Mission District. In a city that has been over gentrified and almost made unaffordable to most people, The Mission District is still fairly untouched. It’s funky, original and very ethnic. It’s probably my favorite place in the city.

After all, as much as I like good coffee, there is only so much that I can drink walking from city block to city block.

The picture is another of my layered experiments. I usually work on a few of these in one session. You usually see one or two. The rest doesn’t quite make it. Or, I have to think about the image which usually means that it’s not working so well. I knew this one was good (at least, in my eyes) from the moment I finished it. It hit me right between the eyes.

In The United States this is a big weekend. The Fourth of July. Independence Day. The celebration of the adoption of our Declaration of Independence in July 4, 1776. We think we are old. But, by many countries standards we are brand new.

We light a lot of fireworks, when I was a young guy we blew up a lot of stuff. We have bbqs, we eat hot dogs and hamburgers, and for many people we have a four-day holiday. It’s also the heart of summer. It’s hot. People stay outdoors in most places to “enjoy the summer.” And, they travel. Many people take all sorts of road trips.

I’m not a huge celebrant. Yes, I do some of usual stuff. On Storyteller I’ll wait until the actual day to post something. This doesn’t mean that this matters less to me. I’m just a little more restrained. For a lot of reasons.