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Circle Game

Ring of fire.

Like a ring of fire. And, circles.

I like circles. They are infinite. I like fire. It is purifying.  And, I like flower blossoms. They are restorative. All exist in nature. Nature seems to be where I’m headed in this new style of art. If I am intentionally making any kind of statement, it has something to do with nature. Or, the abuse of it. At least, lately.

This is a picture that anybody could make at home. Since some of you have asked, here’s a little primer.

Light the wick of a candle. A big fat candle. Let it burn a while. Photograph it. Just stick your lens over it and take a picture. Not too close. We don’t want a flaming camera. Go outside. Look for fallen flower blossoms. Preferably after a rain storm. Photograph them. Find some other bigger blossoms or flower petals. Photograph them.

Pick your favorite editing software. Make three layers. Pick one of them for the base layer, which is most important. I used the candle since I wanted the round repeating shapes. Add the remaining layers. Manipulate them until you get the approximate final picture. Finish the picture however you chose. I usually adjust color, brightness, saturation and contrast. Sometimes I add a glow.

When you export the final image don’t forget the meta data and tags. You can see some of the tags on the page. No more than 15. Google will drop them all out if their software thinks you are gaming the system. More than 15 is gaming the system. Be accurate. Your tags should reflect what is in the picture, not what you are dreaming about. For example, let’s say I took this picture while I was on holiday at the beach. I would not add beach as a tag. The picture has nothing to do with a beach.

That’s it.

It could take you ten minutes. Or, ten hours. It just depends on how much you practice. I practice a little every day. It’s like playing a musical instrument. Even if you have the raw talent, you’d better practice a lot of you hope to appear on a big stage.



  1. Tags; now you want me to add tags!!! 😀 😉

    I just barely manage categories. Of course , since I have publicize turned off none of that matters much. ✌


    • Still, Google scans everything. Unless you never want to be found… tags are easy. They are about the picture. You do know what you think your pictures are about? Don’t you???? 😂😅😁🐩

      Liked by 1 person

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