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Maybe, Mother Nature

Blue face, blue eyes.

Well, maybe.

Maybe this is Mother Nature. Or, at least my attempt at illustrating her. Just eyes peering through some very bright and beautiful foliage.

Seriously, the eyes belong to a model I once photographed in New Mexico. We did a lot of trade; portfolio pictures for her, and stock imagery for me. The actual portrait of her is made digitally, but in black and white. The rest are my usual bits and pieces that I made around Uptown. New Orleans.

If Mother Nature’s eyes look a little angry, that’s maybe because she is angry. Think about it. That’s all I should need to say about that.

We just had an early season, named tropical storm, followed by another storm. This was just your normal, garden variety storm. That dumped 3.7 inches of rain in about two hours. That’s more than the three days of Tropical Storm Cindy. What? Huh? Meanwhile the Southwest — you know, where I used to live — has had days of extreme heat. Like 120 degrees or so.

There’s no climate change. There’s also no fools, or no fun.



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