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About Life

In the palm of my hand.


This is a Sunday picture. Sort of. Kind of.

It’s made of four elements. The main image is of the palm of my hand holding a king cake baby. I made that picture to show a friend of mine what the little plastic baby looked like and used my own hand for scale. The most basic of pictures. And, a very simple illustration. The other three elements are layers of flowers to add depth and a little mystery. And, mood. The color just seemed to emerge naturally.

That’s it.

This is one of those images that is what you make it. Again. Like most art.

I see it as a kind of life, wrapped around the customs of New Orleans. After all, as much as Mardi Gras is about celebration, it is also religious in nature since carnival starts on the Twelfth Night, and ends on Fat Tuesday. The next day is Ash Wednesday, followed by Lent and finally Easter Sunday.

Think about it. King cakes. What’s that about? Who came on the Twelfth Night?

Of course, you could see it as something I hold in the palm of my hand. Life. I wouldn’t. That’s a big responsibility. Most of us can barely take care of our own lives.

You may see this image as something else entirely. That’s up to you. That’s the beauty of it.



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