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If I Knew The Way

Into the mystic.

Sometimes when you take all the twists and turns in image making that I have, people don’t quite understand. Some might not like the work. Some may want a little more straight photography, because Storyteller is — after all — a photography blog. First and foremost.

I do read what you write. A friend of mine suggested that I shouldn’t. That I should do whatever I want. I should be old enough and mature enough to let everything roll off my back. I do. To a point. You know what Dylan said about that. “You Gotta Serve Somebody.” Besides, my friend is retired. I’m not. Thankfully.

I listen and read because, among other things, it helps me find work.

Even when I do this weirdness, it catches the eyes of people who can offer me work. They see this work and wonder what else I do. They look around. Pretty soon we are talking. And, working together.

That just happened. That answers my questions to working the streets of New Orleans. Even though I won’t be home. Again. It won’t be far. And, I can stay in one place. On a beach.


A number of you have suggested that I should keep going in this direction. I will. I’m having fun with this. I thought that I was running out of material. But, as I was working on this picture my brain kicked in. I could see all sorts of potential in pictures that I haven’t touched. So, there we go. A little pressure was released yesterday and my mind is clearer.


I do the base layering on my phone. You have no idea how short a six-hour airplane ride becomes when you are completely focused on something else.

Or, sleeping.

It does catch the attention of passing flight attendants. One reminded me that I shouldn’t use my phone in the air. When she saw what I was doing she was happily surprised. I was in airplane mode and working with apps. She was impressed enough to tell the other flight attendants what I was doing and that it was okay. They came over to see the work. One took my business card. We’ll see.

In this day and age of rage about everything, especially air travel, I think it’s a good idea to tell the good stories too. Besides, domestically, I fly American. They’ve always been good to me. I helps to have a lot of miles. Yeah, yeah. I know the rich get richer. I earned whatever status I have. I travel to go to work. Besides, if you read people who know about these things, there is no telling how many years I took off my life by flying too close to the sun.

The picture. The base picture is of a portrait I made of a man hanging out in Central City. The other components are bits and pieces of flowers and spring blooms that I made somewhere along the way. As I wrote, base blending is done on my iPhone using Snapseed. I go as far as I can using that app. When I get ready to finish the picture I switch to OnOne on a big machine. That’s just me. The picture is pretty much complete when I’m done on my phone. You know me. Tinkering is my middle name.

Happy Father’s Day to those near and far.




  1. What? No comments? 😀
    as long as your wings don’t fall off, too close to the sun and I certainly agree, American if possible. Got them out of Panama too a few years back. The few times I fly any more. 😐


  2. Ray, I believe you should photograph and expose what ever your soul is telling you. You are very unique and you tell stories in your own way. Just follow your inner messages, they will lead you, where ever you are supposed to be. Have a great week. From Cornelia

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