Spring Flowers

Spring flowers.

From three states. Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico.

Exploring layering techniques has some advantages. I get to look back. And, make images by combining the past with the present. I get to see my successes. And, I get to see my mistakes. And, learn from them. I guess they are giving me a kind of wisdom. Finally.

A wise musician once said that, “when you play a song 500 times it teaches you how to play it.” I think the same thing with photographs. Tinker with them every couple of years and you’ll figure it out. Or, they’ll figure you out.

The picture. You know about my experiments in layering. The base image is fairly subdued. Sunflowers. It was made on film. In Texas. The main image, a kind of high desert weed, was made in New Mexico. With a DSLR. The last image — floating around bits — was made in Louisiana using a smart phone. That gives the three pictures a range of about 16 years.

Looking back seems to be a good thing to do. Right now. But, I don’t want to get stuck there. Once I’m back in New Orleans, I’ll make some new pictures. It drives me crazy when I don’t do that.


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