Slight Return

About nature.

Guess. Just guess.

Okay. It’s a handicapped zone. Photographed from the side so that the iconic head is turned toward the top. I added the new growth as a layer.


It illustrates nature. And, something that I say a lot. Nature always wins. Nature doesn’t care. Nature seeks stasis. Sometimes it happens quickly. With an earthquake. Or tornado. Or hurricane. Mostly, nature just plods along. Undoing what we do. Making the planet whole again.

This isn’t about doom and gloom. It’s about what is. I think this way. After many, many years of living in a hot-house with rising seas and swampy cities, mankind will be gone. Either we’ll just be gone, or we’ll find a way to leave. Nature will sigh and just think, “Those little jerks, they are gone. Finally!” And, Mother Nature will go on about her business. If we survive, we’ll call Earth a dead planet. We’ll be wrong. Earth won’t be dead. It will be thriving. Teaming. Growing. It will be done with the thing that hurts it the most. Us.

The picture. I’m still playing. There are two pictures here. The first is the handicapped parking icon. The second is the swamp fern. One gently laid over the other. And, adjusted. That’s it. Play with it until it looks good and as you envision it. Go too far one way, and one subject is too dominant. Go too far in the other and… well, you know. Luckily. most editing software use sliders so you can see what you are doing as you do it.



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