Along the Way

Lost in space.

This is about as far as I can go in this series. Pure color. In space.

The pictures are really made up of flowers, grass and trees. I layered them. I did a lot of post production prior to, and after, the layering. I found that it’s pretty important to do certain bits of post after the layers have been assembled. It seems to smooth things out a little bit. It helps the picture look like it’s one image rather than bits and pieces of separate images.

If you were to ask me which one is my favorite I would say all of them because each of them is very different in final output. If you were to ask me which one I’d print, it would be the top one. I’d make it huge. The size of the wall. I might even turn it on its side, which is really how it started. The flowers and the leaves have become just blobs of color. But, wait a minute! Did I just make wall paper? Hmmmm…

The other two are somewhat recognizable for what they are. I think. Well, at least to me.

The pictures. This is a great example of always carrying some kind of camera. And, to shoot whatever you see without editing on the scene. Too many people delete images after they check their camera’s little bitty lcd. What can you really see on those? Wait until you get home. Or, wherever you have a bigger monitor. Not only can you see the picture, but some of what you see might inspire you. I had no idea that the pictures I just took could be used in this way, until I saw them on a larger monitor and started playing.

Listening to a lot of Grateful Dead helped.

Behind the trees.
In the light.


  1. They are beautiful. You really create an art with your camera and I can imagine these works on wall like paintings. The last picture is my favorite.


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