True Places Never Are

Making my world.

Another day. Another experiment.

It’s another kind of portrait. Something not quite so bright. It drifts a little. It feels like it’s wrapped in cotton. It’s kind of peaceful.


The backstory. The base picture, the portrait was made on black and white film about forty years ago. The subject is a college friend. We went to school together in San Jose, California.  While I was working on this image, I realized that sometimes photography is like magic. It stops time. Forty years have passed. We have grown older. Changes have changed us. But, here she remains young. So do I.

I remember when I took this picture. Where I took it. How I took it.

The two flower overlays were made last week. On a walk. Taking a break from my life that week. Clearing my head. Then thinking clearly. When I make a picture on a walk it is pure reaction. No thought about the picture. In many ways, it’s just point and shoot. The thing that serious photographers claim to dislike. But, even more serious photographers who make pictures like I do, say that clearing your head and not thinking is the best way to work.

Combining the three pictures was not easy. They have to work together. They have to fit. They have to make sense. To me. To you, if you want to experiment too. Everybody else brings their own meaning to your work. This work.



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