As I see them.

My version. Of Mardi Gras Indian energy.

That’s what this latest experimentation is about. Getting the images I see in my head out to you. The viewer. I suppose looking at the images I posted over the last three days, you could be wondering what is wrong with me. I wonder that myself sometimes.


I was watching a video called “Long Strange Trip.” It’s about the Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia, one of the founders and perhaps the band’s face, based the whole experience on having fun. The entire Grateful Dead mystique was based on fun. Fun as defined by you. His fun might not be your fun. And, so on. But, that wasn’t for him to say.

I agree.

Right now my fun is trying to make myself understood. In a different way. Using my own visual language. So that I can explore. And learn. And change. And grow.

The picture. Do you really want to know? It’s three pictures combined into one. A Mardi Gras Indian. Some long swamp grass. And, those little bud bits. They are adjusted. Moved around. Tinkered with. Toned. Layered. And blended. Those streaks that look like firework tails are really the swamp grass. The little glowing bits and flower buds. The indian. Well, you know. His feathers help make the picture stronger.

And, that’s it.


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