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Out of the Box

A new style portrait.

It started on Friday. But, on Saturday…


I surprised myself. I asked the question, “what would happen if I combined people with nature?” The first couple of experiments were pretty much failures. That’s okay. I learned a lot. One of the biggest issues is about a person’s eyes. It’s not a good idea to layer anything over them. It just doesn’t work. Especially if eyes are the windows to the soul. You can, however, come close.

So I experimented. Tinkered. Fine tuned.

I actually made four images that I think are worth of you. I’m excited. For me, this form of layering is a big, huge step forward. It moves my work from documentary to something more elemental without being too simple in structure and form. As usual, this happened after midnight. That’s when anything good happens in the studio.

The picture. The base is a portrait I made of Big Queen Cherise. The next layer is flower petals. The final layer is little flower buds that were on the trunk (boot) of a car. All layers were adjusted for placement, opacity and color. As usual, this was all tinkering. There are no codified steps. I don’t think that there ever will be. Or, can be. After all, unless you are painting by numbers (remember those kits?), you can’t do that when you paint.  You can have an idea of your intent. And, your vision. But, the work leads you to the final image. Not the other way around.



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