Moon over the Sandias.

A little different.

I thought if I can manipulate a photograph into a kind of painting-like and grim piece of art, than I could go the other way and make it prettier.

This is the result of that experiment. Often, necessity is the mother of invention. I made this picture with a camera that used a fairly small sensor and that really didn’t have a lot of resolution. The enlarged version of this picture didn’t look so great. It was noisy and a little soft. I did a little work around. Through the magic of digital post production I managed to turn a photograph into a sort of water-color looking image. Without using the funky painting software that makes the finished image look weird.

The picture. Moon over the Sandias. I made it in New Mexico. In a high school parking lot in Albuquerque. It’s an example of always keeping some kind of camera with you. Yes. The moon really did look that big against the rim of the mountain range. That’s why I stopped in the first place. In a parking lot. They say that photographs never lie. Yeah. Right. Even before the age of Photoshop, you could twist a picture around to make it look like something else.

Think about it. It’s all about intent and honesty. If didn’t want to tell you the truth, I could have said I just scanned a water-color painting that I in made in New Mexico

Except for one thing.

I can’t paint.


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