On Memorial Day.

This. And, this alone.

The Facebook posts are starting. Twitter is tweeting. And, the wheel turns. Folks are thanking everybody who ever served. There is day for this. Veterans Day. People are thanking their uncle, who was a policeman for 30 years. His work meant a lot. I’m sure there is a day for that in your community. Some folks are thanking firefighters. Reach out. The next time you see a fireman in uniform, thank him. Their work means a lot. Most are heroes in some way. After all, when a building is on fire what do we do? We run away from it. Fireman run into the fire. To save your pet.

Memorial Day.

This holiday is for one particular group. The soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen who never came home. The ones who gave all of themselves. The ones who died in some forgotten battle. Or, in an unpopular war. Or, in a forgotten war. Monday is for them. Please don’t cheapen their sacrifice be spreading the meaning of the day. Smoothing it so that it is about everybody you ever knew. Pay your respects to them on their birthday. Or something.

One more thing. Here comes the rant. No. Not really. Just a little sadness.

I just saw reader comments in three different places. The writers were talking about how we are at peace. That there are no wars right now. Tell that to the families of the two marines who died in Afghanistan last week. Or, to the family of the soldier who died in Syria a couple of days ago. And, if you believe that the “War on Terrorism” is a war, tell that to the people of Manchester, England.

And, this picture. One Memorial Day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I went there to pay my respects. I went there to work. A little. See that young man holding his son. Open this picture up. Read his t-shirt. He was there. I know that because he saw my reflection in the polished marble and he turned around. So, we talked. Since the picture is still enlarged, look at his neck. Strange marks there. Shrapnel wounds from that battle. He knows how lucky he is. He’s home. Holding his little son. Welcome home Marine.

Think about that.

One more thing. RIH Gregg Allman. You didn’t think that I’d forget that did you?


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