Something Found

Looking at old brick buildings.

I needed a break. From the never-ending news cycles.


I rooted around in my archives an found a picture that I made of an old brick warehouse. The original file was nice and clean. I left it that way. I made a copy and proceeded to tinker with it. I eventually got to this version.

I made the original picture a couple of years ago.

Unless, I’m mistaken the building has been renovated, gentrified and cleaned up. It might even be overpriced condos. A lot of industrial buildings along the river have been torn down or gentrified.

The good news about gentrification of these old places is two-fold. One, you have a building brought back to life. And two, allied businesses like grocery stores spring up around these neighborhoods in what was previously described as a food desert. On the other hand, downriver neighborhoods are gentrified to a point usually don’t have new business spring up around them. Something about a lack of population density. They say.

The picture. It’s a few years old. The new post work was completed this morning. It makes an old abandoned building look sort of magical.



  1. The photo has drama in the tones and lighting, greatly adding to the appeal. I love to see old buildings and entire neighborhoods brought back to life. Some areas of Los Angeles have been changed so dramatically over the last few years that property values have escalated beyond reason. I don’t know if there’s a balance, but I sure do like it better to think of a building and surrounding area experiencing revitalization. Much better than being razed, I think.


    1. Just as long as East LA stands its ground. I used to have a lot of friends who lived in the area where the breweries were first converted into lofts. Long gone. I suppose it matters what things cost. It doesn’t do anybody any good if the heart and soul of a neighborhood is forced to leave as it is happening in New Orleans.


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