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Big Pink

The pink building on the corner.

I couldn’t resist.

Even though the building is bright — sort of Pepto Bismol — pink, which contrasted nicely against last Sunday’s blue sky, I just had to mess with it.

I have no idea why anybody would paint a building this color. It is for sale. Maybe it was done to attract passersby attention. It worked. It caught my attention. But, I was walking through the neighborhood on my way back to the car after photographing the second line.

I was tired. The weather was hot and a little humid so I didn’t spend much time making the original image. This may be another place to which I should return. We’ll see. I now have four locations on my list. Even though this picture could have been a bit boring processed straight, I was able to mess around in post production. And, turn the picture into something else.

I’m not quite sure what to think of my effort. I may have failed. No problem. That’s how you learn.

The picture. The building is located on the same street as yesterday’s picture. Maybe some owners like bright color as much as I do. These colors wouldn’t have appeared back in history, but bright color was the rage in the Victorian era. Many houses were painted in four or five different and contrasting colors.

Oh yeah.

The one thing that I didn’t notice when I took the picture is the house next to it on the right. It’s pink too. I didn’t drag color back there.

Maybe the owners are one in the same. Maybe they got a deal on Pepto Bismol pink paint.




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