On Sunday

On Sunday. Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother in Storyteller land. For those of you who live in countries that don’t celebrate today, happy Sunday. Or, Monday if you live on the other side of the dateline.

I have a classic Mother’s Day picture that I’ve posted in the past. Guess what? Our friends at Facebook dug it out of their archives as one of those “this happened in the past, do you want to share it again” things. So, I shared it. Without thinking about it. The picture received a lot of likes. But, I also shot my load in doing that.


You get flowers on Mother’s Day. That’s not bad. Is it?

The picture. kind of a combination. Old style. New style. I couldn’t take this picture very far. That would sort of send the wrong message.

Oh, what the heck.

Two Before Me.

My mother and my grandmother. The picture was made in 1980. 37 years ago. My mom passed when she was 80 years old. In 1996. My grandma passed not long after this picture was made at 96 years of age. The picture. Tri-X black and white film.




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